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October 16, 2019
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Fitzwilliam Square project for PJ Hegarty

Over the years, Young Electrical have delivered industry-leading temporary electrical solutions on site for a who’s who of Ireland’s main contractors. Building Ireland touched base with director Stewart Murphy to find out more about this exceptional, specialist electrical contractor.

With the capacity to work on sites of any size, scope of scale, Young Electrical provide outstanding temporary electrical site installations across the capital and nationwide, always delivering projects on time, within budget and to client requirements.

Young Electrical has a reputation for providing professional, reliable and cost efficient services. Their staff are trained to the highest industry standards, with a firm focus on safety. One of the things that sets the company apart is its ability to provide the same high standard of service and reliability to both small and large projects. To this end, they can project manage smaller projects or have the ability to liaise with technical service co-ordinators on larger projects.

they can asset manage distribution boards, site transformers, lighting, heating and fire alarms before and after project completion, while wireless fire alarm, site evacuation and first aid call points are also available.

All aspects of generator connections and earthing for provision of temporary power are available, Young Electrical’s operatives boasting extensive knowledge in the provision of power, lighting and earthing to tower cranes on site.

As a member of RECI, AECI and Safe Electrical, they adhere strictly to all standards within the industry.

Synonymous with excellence and value for money, Young Electrical also offer full commercial electrical installations and upgrades, from small to large fit-outs.

Connecting & earthing the generator / Fitting hoarding lights / Fitting tower crane lights

Their maintenance contracts, meanwhile, are preventative rather than reactionary, offering better long-term value and comfort. These services include periodic testing and inspection by approved and qualified registered testers, scheduled maintenance works and corrective works to any detected faults.

All types of lighting can be installed with various energy saving controls to incorporate the latest LED energy saving technology. Data cabling and communication systems as well as fire alarm, security systems, access control and emergency lighting can be installed to the latest industry standards.

The fact that Young Electrical work regularly on building sites for main contractors of the calibre of John Paul Construction, Walls, PJ Hegarty & Sons and John Sisk & Son speaks volumes for the high regard in which they are held as temporary electrical site solution specialists.

Maintaining strong relationships with clients is key to the ongoing success of the company, as director Stewart Murphy confirms: “You need to have good communications and to be open with the client,” he notes. “Once everybody knows what exactly is going on, that’s a good starting point.

“Going hand in hand with that, you obviously have to deliver high quality work within budget, on time and safely. Your reputation is everything. We have always enjoyed a good relationship with our clients and that culminates in a lot of repeat business.

“We’re working exclusively in the Dublin environs at the moment, although we can take on project anywhere. Our bread and butter is bringing temporary power to building sites, while we’ve also set up a separate company this year to do electrical fit-outs.

“For the temporary site set-ups, we have a team that gets in there at the first stage, when there is only one hut on site and, depending on the scale and size of the project, our operatives could be there for a number of months and more. For example, when we were working of Microsoft’s Data centres for Sisk, we had a team there for up to 18 months, from start to finish, as they went from the ground up.

“We had a team for Sisk at Capital Dock on John Rogerson’s Quay for two years and, likewise, we were on site long term at the new Central Bank with Walls and, adjacent to that, on the Dublin Landings site. One of the jobs we’re working on at the moment is the ESB headquarters for PJ Hegarty.”

Gainful employment is generated for a core crew of 20 and all the operatives at Young Electrical are highly skilled. “S specialist skillset is required to get the site powered up for enabling works and then as the shell and the core of the building goes up,” Stewart notes. “Thankfully, we have a tight crew of lads who have been with us long term and they understand the pros and cons of what they are doing. We train all of our installers to RECI QC (Qualified Certifier) standards and they are capable of both installing and testing as they go.”

Wexford native Stewart Murphy has been running Young Electrical for the past six years. “The new Young Electrical Registered Contractors Ltd. started in 2013 and that came about after George Young retired and the old company, Young Electrical ceased trading,” he reflects.

“I had worked for George for 15 years prior to that, starting as an apprentice and working my way up to electrician and then contracts manager. When George signalled his intention to retire, he had built up a very good reputation with the likes of SISK, John Paul and Walls and had developed very good relationships with these main contractors. That’s why I decided to keep the name, as Young Electrical had an established reputation. Since I took over, I’ve been trying to grow that reputation even more by providing the best possible service levels.”

“We have struck up a good working relationship with Structuretone Ireland where we asset manage and assist in costings for their projects from a temporary electrical perspective. We assist in design, drawing mark-ups and various aspects to ensure that the process runs as efficiently as possible for them on all their projects.”

The hard work and dedication is certainly paying off. “We have a busy summer ahead and hopefully a busy winter to follow,” says Stewart. “We always did a small bit of contracting as well but now we’ve set up a separate company providing a commercial fit-out service.”

One of the most satisfying fit-outs delivered to date was a complete electrical installation at the Urban Brewing Project for T&I Fitouts. Urban Brewing is a working micro brewery, bar and restaurant located in the CHQ building in the IFSC area.

This was a demanding project where Young Electrical had to liaise closely with conservation architects and client architects, meet client needs and follow strict B-CAR guidelines whilst meeting all deadlines and bringing the project to completion on time.

Previous experience working with protected structures ensured they had the expertise to comply with the on site conservation architect’s wishes whilst providing solutions for the client in a cost effective and timely manner during installation works.

Going forward, Stewart is confident that there is a potential for growth in both arms of the business, while he stresses that Young Electrical are available for projects both large and small: “We’s never refuse a small job because that’s what kept this company alive during the hard times,” he concludes. “Our staff are flexible and mobile and they can switch seamlessly between projects of varying sizes.

Article taken from Building Ireland magazine

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